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Martial Arts Cultivation System

Skill Cultivation in Age of Wushu

There are three types of Skill Cultivation in Age of Wushu: Internal Cultivation, Practice Martial Arts, and Team Practice.
Internal Cultivation only costs time. Once selected it starts automatically and only requires the player to stay online. The small icon in the upper left corner of the character’s HP bar shows the Cultivation process. Scrolling over the icon shows the current state of Cultivation.
Practice Martial Arts costs resources, and can use three different items to accelerate the process. Each item costs different amount of Coins or Tael.
Team Practice requires multiple players working together, up to 10. Players need to play a mini-game together to cultivate a skill. The more people cultivating together, the faster the process.
We recommend using Internal Cultivation while online, and finding other players to participate in team practice when you have enough time. If you have enough currency, you can use Practice Martial Arts to upgrade skills.
Instructions for Team Practice

  1. 1. After selecting a Skill set, click Start to prepare.
  2. 2. Right-click the portrait of the Starting Player to ask to join Team Practice.
  3. 3. After the Team Practice starts, players need to follow the instructions on the screen to play the game.
  4. 4. The corresponding keys of the mini-game are the four directional keys, the 'J' key, and the 'K' key. The 'W', 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys can replace the directional keys.
  5. 5. After finishing the mini-game, players will get a total score, combo, and Cultivation amount.
  6. 6. Only one player will play the mini-game each round, so you need to prepare when it’s coming close to your time to play.
  7. 7. After starting Team Practice, players can see the operation order in the left upper hand corner. There are two states: prepare and proceed.
  8. 8. The more players taking part in Team Practice, the higher the Cultivation. Up to 10 players can join a Team Practice.
  9. 9. When your daily fatigue reaches 100%, no more Cultivation will be converted through Team Practice. Fatigue resets at Midnight.
  10. 10. Pay attention to your available Cultivation. If you run out of Cultivation, joining a Team Practice will do nothing.
  11. 11. Players cannot be invited to join a Team Practice while in combat.
  12. 12. If the process is interrupted, the total Cultivation converted will significantly decrease.
  13. 13. You may press Esc to quit at anytime.

Sacred Places

Sacred Places are environments that accelerate skill Cultivation. Different skills will have different Cultivation speeds in different environments. Players can mouse over the sitting man icon above HP bar to check the current environment and the effect on the Cultivation. A Sacred Place is important for cultivating skills, and all major schools and Skills in Age of Wushu have a corresponding Sacred Place.

Effects of Sacred Places

There are six types of Sacred Places in Age of Wushu: Hill, Water, Cave, Forest, Snow, and Marketplace. Each Skill has a best cultivating place, which will accelerate Cultivation speeds.

Different Sacred Places

Percentage of Accelerating Cultivation in Sacred Places
Tai Chi
Yin and Soft
Yang and Hard
Skill Attributes: Hard, Soft, Yin, Yang, and Tai Chi (Players can see the corresponding attributes in the internal skill attribute window.)
Attributes of Sacred Places: Hill (Hill without trees), Water (Waterfall), Cave (Cave), Forest (Dense Forest), Snow (Snowland and beside trees on snowland).
Refer to the above chart for the best places to cultivate your Skills.

Experience Gain and Cultivation Conversion
Experience Gain
In Age of Wushu, there are three types of experience: advanced, medium, and minor experience.
Advanced experience converts into 266 Cultivation each 100 seconds, medium experience converts into 122 Cultivation each 100 seconds, and minor experience converts into 66 Cultivation each 100 seconds.
How to gain advanced experience: Challenge martial arts club, finishing tasks
How to gain medium experience: Escort missions, finishing tasks
How to gain minor experience: Watch scenes, walk around, upgrade life skill professions
Conversion between Experience and Cultivation
The basic conversion from experience into Cultivation is 380/100s (Jianghu VIPs get the best experience conversion), each experience point can convert into 1000 Cultivation. So, it will take 263 seconds to convert 1 experience to 1000 Cultivation. The methods to increase the conversion speed are:
1. Experience Medicine (Can be used 35 times each week, can increase experience conversion speed by 250%.)
Jackdaw Herb (Increases conversion speed by 25%, lasts 10 minutes)
Yellow White Pill (Increases conversion speed by 50%, lasts 20 minutes)
Chi Accumulation Pill (Increases conversion speed by 100% , lasts 30 minutes)
Psycho Pill (Increases conversion speed by 150%, lasts 45 minutes.)
Green Pill (Increases conversion speed by 250%, lasts 60 minutes.)

The Jackdaw herb can be acquired through school events or the Forbidden Instance challenge. Four Jackdaw herbs can be synthesized by an herbalist into 1 Yellow White Pill, it will cost 560 Wen. Chi accumulation Pill, Psycho Pill, and Green Pill all follow the same formula.

Tips: Pills synthesized by Coins cannot be traded, but ones synthesized by Tael can be traded.

2. Divination (Players can divinate 6 times each day, increasing experience conversion speed by 400% at most)
The speed bonuses from divination are: 10%, 25%, 100%, 200%, and 400%. Each effect will last 1 hour.

3. Random Arena (No limit, increases experience conversion speed by 75% at most)
Players can set up their own arena or challenge another’s arena. One victory will increase experience conversion speed by 10%, lasting 10 minutes, and stacking 5 times. Five victories will increase 50% conversion speed, lasting 10 minutes. A failure only increases experience converting speed by 5%, lasting 10 minutes, and stacking 5 times. Five failures increases conversion speed by 25%, lasting 10 minutes. The victory buff and failure buff can exist at the same time, so a player can get a 75% conversion speed bonus at most. As it is unlimited, players with a lot of time can use the arena to increase conversion speed.
4. School Patrol (Increases experience conversion speed by 10%)
After receiving school patrol task, there will be a bonus buff, this increases experience conversion speed by 10%. As long as players are patrolling the buff will stay.

Guild Site (Increases experience conversion speed by 30%)
After receiving a guild patrol task, there will be a bonus buff, this can increase experience conversion speed by 30%.

Redeem Potential

If you are not a Jianghu VIP, you only have access to 70% of your Cultivation, the other 30% can be accessed using Gold. One Gold redeems 12500 Cultivation.
Attention: If you switch from Non-VIP status to VIP status your experience conversion process goes to 100%. However, the locked 30% Cultivation from before you were a VIP still needs to be unlocked using gold.

Experience and Character Advancement in Age of Wushu
There are no levels in Age of Wushu. Player growth is determined by internal skills, martial arts, meridians, equipment and other elements.
Internal skills and martial arts can be increased by converting experience into cultivation. Meridians can be improved by gaining Chi.