Marriage: Bringing Martial Artists Together

   A lot of information has been surfacing regarding the latest updates to Age of Wushu’s features, new instances, new skills, and more. One feature that we have been teasing since the early betas was Marriage.
    Marriage like many other aspects of Age of Wushu is not as simple as other titles that share some of the same ideas. The Marriage system is an adventure in its own right, a true journey that celebrates two players with a fanfare and grandeur that only Age of Wushu could bring.
   Male Characters propose marriage to female characters with a dowry. Should the lady refuse the proposal, then the money is returned. If the lady accepts then they are now engaged. The Female character is no longer able to be proposed to while they are engaged. During the engagement, players must select their big day. 
   Male characters purchase a wedding package from riding in on an ox for a simple affair to a large and extravagant sedan chair and parade. Invitations to the wedding will be sent to friends of the wedding. Players interested in attending, and earning a boost in cultivation, can apply for a seat at the ceremony to be approved by the wedding party.  The Bride and groom will receive a special Wedding Ring equipment piece that can instantly teleport them to their spouse in game. Other players can choose to crash the ceremony too and hurt the effects acquired by those in attendance.
At the end of the day, the couple have one final task to perform and show their unity, a variation on Team Practice that will reward them with a special item. Other benefits to the union are skills, titles, mounts, and more.
    Start your gentleman calling today in Age of Wushu, available online.