Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you have been waiting for The Secret World ready to reach level cap,
get the perfect build and amass the best gear and weapons and are
expecting to have a sleepless night rushing through all of the content
for bragging rights then you are in for a shock!
The Secret World is not your standard MMO and there are some MAJOR
changes to be aware of!

The first is that there are NO levels! Not in the conventional sense
anyway! You will not just level from 1 to 60 – in fact you will stay
the same level throughout the game and what changes is the strength of
your build!

That brings me onto the build system which is very complex! It is all
done through the ability wheel and there are hundreds of different
combinations that are possible – in fact the system is so complex in
the game you have decks which are like templates for a standard build.
Another thing to be aware of is the actual questing structure. This
will save you a lot of time!
 When you finish a quest you can just call
it back in using your phone, don’t rush back to the NPC as you will
have another mission to pick up close to where you finished.
If you are really looking to level up as quickly as possible then you
need to check out The Secret World Domination guide as it will give you
a full overview of how the game works and also a complete walkthrough
so you get off on the right track: