Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Want to know the absolute best talents, glyphs, and rotations for your class?

Do you know the best raiding spec for your class right now? What about the best PVP spec? The best leveling spec? Are you confident in your glyph choices? Do you know your rotation backwards and forwards? Could you switch to another spec and have it mastered by this evening?

If you know and excel at every possible spec in every situation for your class, great! You're one of maybe 1% of players that do. But if you're like me, you probably don't know every single nuance.

But you know what? I'm playing at a level I never thought I'd reach. I've got a guaranteed raid spot, I'm holding my own in Rated Battlegrounds, and I'm speed-leveling my eighth character. And it's all thanks to this addon called EDGE

EDGE has the best talents, glyphs, and rotations for every class and every situation I could want. My guild needed a Balance Druid instead of a Feral, and after I got the gear for it I used EDGE to help me out, figuring I didn't have anything to lose. I hit the auto-spec, picked up the glyphs it suggested, and practiced the given rotations in dungeons. Not even a week and I was filling a brand new role!

EDGE is the must-have, comprehensive tool for everything you want to do with your class. It tells you:

- The best possible talents for every spec you can imagine. If you want to level through the Random Dungeon Finder, EDGE has a spec for that. Soloing, leveling, raiding, PVP - anything you want to do in game, no exceptions.

- The absolute best glyphs for performance and utility. Like the specs, these glyphs are checked over by top experts of each class to ensure they're exactly what you need.

- Pros and cons of every spec, so you can decide for yourself which spec is right for you.

- And step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for how to play your chosen spec. This isn't just your standard rotation flowchart. EDGE shows you precise strategies that work for DPS as well as tanks and healers.

I wanted to let you in on my secret before everybody starts hearing about EDGE. Seriously, you have to go get a copy of this addon. It'll change the way you play WoW.

Here's the link for you again:\